Just Teddy – Petals from Paris Cookbook


Over 60 recipes fill this beautiful 240-page hardcover cookbook, with personal memories and behind the scenes look into the life and brand of Just Teddy.

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Lovingly shared on the pages of this book are recipes which are of great sentimental value to this family from the recipe which was the start of it all, Unpretentious Coloured Cupcakes and the delectable Chocolate Ganache Tart which was on Just Teddy’s first counter at the food market located at 1 Fox; to a magnificent variation on a basic Macaron recipe for Ispahan and Persian Love Cake. You will find beauty in even the simplest recipes for Pizza Napoletana and Ciabatta which are as close to the sanctification of bread as you will get.

Available in a Limited Edition Gold Monogram Jacket (featured above left) or without the jacket (featured above right). For signed editions and personalised notes.

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