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Purveyors of Luxury Pâtisserie

“Pâtisseries are intricate. They require science, patience, and passion. They are a celebration of fine detail, an art form that is dedicated to precision and all things beautiful. This is precisely how they are made at Just Teddy.”

Teddy Zaki

Just Teddy has redefined heritage haute cuisine, curating a fashion-inspired fusion of Parisian flair mixed with Middle Eastern flavour. Luxury cafe dining, world-class pâtisserie and boulangerie, and the ultimate confectionary creations are but a few of Just Teddy’s signature savoir-faire, experienced in every bite!

Just Teddy has fast become renowned as luxury connoisseurs, coupling a reputation for their attention to every detail with their signature flavour flair – the ultimate sensory culinary experience.

Multicultural Musings

By embracing their roots, the Zaki family has created a harmonious combination of baked goods that masterfully transport those fortunate enough to consume them to another world… fabulous flavours not usually savoured in South Africa, melt-in-the-mouth concoctions entwined with tastes of foreign shores – perfumed with rose water, dates, za’atar and the prettiest éclairs delicately dressed in translucent pastels. Just Teddy is a wonderland that transcends pâtisserie. There’s plenty of French flair, but there’s something more that makes it quite unique – ambrosial tastes which keep customers coming back time and again to enjoy another adventure.

Just Teddy – Petals from Paris is a memoir of the Family’s journey and travels, coupled with delectable recipes found both in the restaurant and in the pages of their history. This book is filled with love and family recipes that are shared so that you can recreate them for your loved ones. From a novice baker to a master craftsman, this book is an inspiration for every skill level.

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